Every Day Carry – what’s in your pockets?

Every Day Carry – what’s in your pockets?


What do I carry with me everyday or EDC, heres list of things whats in my pockets every day.

Phone – iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s Plus, I pretty much don’t go anywhere without it. As well as yourself don’t go anywhere without your phone. Usually pocket space is sparse, so I opted in having just my phone in any note taking and a quick drawing that I need instead of carrying a notepad and pen as well. The phone is used in any quick videos that I need to take, as well as running my Facebook pages to working on this very website. A lot of power in the space of a pocket, and I sure don’t need to tell you its something that needs to be part of your everyday carry, as you probably do already.

Beard Comb

Being the editor and chief bearded bro, it’s a no brainer that I need a beard comb to be part of my every day carry, It’s small and light and slips away in your breast pocket if you have one or your back pocket, and the clip keeps it in place., and tames your follicles right.


Swiss Military Hanowa – SWISS RECRUIT PRIME

I bought this watch when I was traveling though Europe, and I never leave the house with out it. Its Swiss made through and though. Formal style with the metal band, and somewhat ruggedness with a sapphire glass. This is a good one for all you minimalists out there, as it has a pretty simple watch face. Simple yet functional. Having a watch stops you from reaching for your phone all the time when you need to see the time which I think is a bad habit, also the less time you look at your phone the battery will last longer. 


JAG Wallet

I have has this walled for a long time, It’s a mini/small JAG wallet. Made out of leather and its stood the test of time ten years strong and still going,


Basic set of keys here, Cant leave without them, as I’ve got my car keys on there. A good idea is to have a small USB thumb drive, you never know when you might need to transfer some things or copy some files from a friend, a handy addition for you everyday. The big red tag Is a replica of an aircraft tag, serves as a way to see the days from a distance.


Acer Android Tablet

This is not something I carry with me every day, as it doesn’t fit in my pocket. But it is a basic 8” android tablet, and I use it as an ebook reader. I always try to read when I get a chance. And reading ebooks is the easiest, who wants to lug books around when they don’t have a lot of space.

And there you go, nothing spectacular but I am a minimalist at heart.


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