Best Time to Start Using Beard Oil – What to Know

best time to use beard oil

Best Time to Start Using Beard Oil – What…

Many people grow their beards to keep in line with its growing trend. However, many of them do it without the proper knowledge of grooming methods. If your beard is itching right now, beard oils can get rid of that uncomfortable feeling while maintaining your beard’s smoothness.

Your loved ones feel comfortable as well

Your wife or girlfriend may have mentioned that your beard feels rough or spiky every time you have intimate moments. In such instances, this is where beard oil comes to the rescue. If you’re still a sceptic, you must start using it if you still have a medium or rough stubble. That way, you can begin caring for your beard correctly while it’s still short. Developing the perfect look for your beard will give you confidence in dealing with people, and it even promotes proper hygiene.

Develop a beard oil habit

You may think that you don’t need a beard oil after you shave. However, if you are thinking of growing your beard, you must start using the oil before your beard blossoms again. Using it when the beard already feels dry and itchy is already late because you won’t be able to treat the skin where the beard grows. Similar to your scalp, dandruff can also grow in your beard when the skin underneath is left untreated.

Because of this, it pays to start applying the beard oil as early as possible to condition the skin where it will grow. Doing so will help you deal with premature flaking due to dry skin. It’s great to use a beard comb while shaving to give it a pleasing shape.

It’s best to apply beard oil after taking a shower because the open skin pores can absorb the oil better. On the other hand, using the oil while your beard is still wet will not work.

How much and how often

The amount of beard oil depends on the thickness and length of your beard. Chin hair of up to 30 days will require four drops of beard oil while those that are three months old at most need six drops. Beards of up to a year require ten drops, while any beyond a year will need more than ten drops of beard oil.

While these measurements merely serve as a guide, you will arrive at the right amount after several rounds of trial and error. Perhaps you won’t need six drops because applying excess oil can cause it to drip. Instead, start with fewer drops and add to it as you see fit.

Meanwhile, the frequency of application depends on the climate. Those who live in humid areas can skip days because of the moisture, while those in dry climates must apply more than once daily. Using it every day will help you grow your beard better. You can extend the application to your head and neck because its ingredients also help skin healthy.

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