Beards, What are they good for?

Beards, What are they good for?

There is a reason you’re here, most likely you asked yourself why should I grow a beard? Or what does a beard do? How about can I save food for later? Or something along those lines. I’m going attempt to outline some reasons to grow a beard, and what they are good for. Also to answer your first question no you cant really store food for later. Lets get started.


Depends on what part off the globe you’re from, winter is either coming or going. With that said my usual audience its located in Australia, so the winter is almost out. How can a beard help though you may ask? With a thick cover of hair on your face, it breaks down the chill of the wind. So instead of a cold slap in the face you feel the mild caress of winters hand. And you thought winter had no chill.


What about on the other spectrum of the year, when the sun is out and ready to party? Where the same beard that can keep your face warm from the chill of winter, works both ways and prevents  you getting sunburnt. This obviously depends on how much growth you have, and how dense the forrest is. Makes sense that when guys shave their beards they have a pale baby face, imagine your chin not getting any Vitamin D for a year.


Ever had stubble, or a five o’clock shadow before? Who wants that kind of harshness on their skin or others in general? People think beards are rough, in fact they are pretty soft. I’ve received numerous compliments from women telling me that they are surprised that my beard is soft. Also imagine your face being surrounded by a pillow most of the time, that a good thing. Embrace it.


Women can apply makeup to pretty up their face, or hide imperfections. What do guys have? Beards. Simply by having a beard its a way to mask certain imperfections, or spots on your face. I mean you can apply makeup, but would you? Look, even if you can go full viking you can have a neatly maintained Maine that can make a world of difference.

And there you have it, that is some reasons (four in fact) as to what beards are good for. Primarily it’s to either keep you from getting cold or getting hot. While also helping make you look more defined, with the right grooming.


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