5 Benefits to Using Beard Oil

beard oil

5 Benefits to Using Beard Oil

Beard oil combines carrier and essential oils that moisturize your beard and the skin beneath. The carrier oil consists of coconut, grape seed, and argan, which is easily absorbed by the hair and skin. Meanwhile, essential oils are what give it a pleasant scent. You can purchase unscented beard oils if you just want to nourish your beard hair or if you have sensitive skin.

The first beard oils date back to ancient times, which mean that it is not a recent innovation. Because of this, many people are already aware of the benefits of beard oils. It’s just that newer beard oils smell better, and there are more variants for your choosing. More importantly, this type of oil helps maintain your beard’s hygiene.

It makes your beard look great

You grew your beard in the first place to make it visually appealing. After the initial discomfort that in maintaining its look, you can use beard oil to soften the hair and untangle joined strands. The lubricating effect also makes it easier to brush through the beard, especially for those who have long ones that can become dry and manifest split ends. Meanwhile, the moisturizing effect makes the hair shine and easily styled into any shape.

It nourishes your beard

The skin and hair remain healthy after absorbing the enriching and healing elements of natural oil. Applying it to your beard gives you a skin conditioner that includes anti-bacterial properties. The best carrier oils also contain vitamins and minerals that prevent inflammation. This oil also promotes healthy beard growth and improves the wellbeing of the hair.

It moisturizes it

Beard oil’s moisturizing effect prevents dandruff, which can also thrive in your facial hair. White bits of dry skin falling from your face rather than your head is an unpleasant sight. You can deal with this concern by applying beard oil through the skin underneath the beard before rubbing an ample amount of shampoo to keep it smooth.

It makes the beard comfortable

Growing a beard is irritating at first because of its itchiness. Chances are that you want to scratch it regularly or shave it off entirely before seeing the result you want. Beard oil will allow you to bear with the itchy feeling and provide relief as you go about your daily activities.

It softens the hair

Beards can disappoint ladies who don’t want to risk the ticklish or unpleasant feeling when kissing. Nothing can be more disappointing than someone saying that making out with you feels like they’re rubbing their chin on sandpaper. Fortunately, beard oil can make your facial hair softer and allow for more comfortable contact.

Get a complete beard grooming kit

Beard Bro offers a holistic approach to taking care of your beard. Their Wooden Spice beard oil has hints of cedarwood, cinnamon, and lavender, making for a delightful scent that other beard bros are sure to envy. Be sure to pick up a grooming kit that comes with oil, scissors, and a comb to start building a reputation as “that guy with the perfectly sculpted beard!”

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