Frequently Asked Questions About Proper Beard Oil Application

Frequently Asked Questions About Proper Beard Oil Application

Frequently Asked Questions About Proper Beard Oil Application

Beard oil conditions your beard to prevent beardruff. It also moisturizes this facial hair to prevent you from scratching while making the beard easier to style. However, while applying this substance is not complicated, there is a right way of going about it. 

Below are several questions that will guide you in using beard oil while briefly discussing its benefits.

When to apply beard oil?

It’s best to place it in your beard after taking a shower because that will be the time when your beard is at its cleanest. Likewise, your skin pores are open to absorb the oil to fight beardruff. You cannot apply oil when your beard is still wet, which is why you must dry it using a towel and leave the beard slightly damp before using the oil. 

How much oil is enough?

There’s a corresponding quantity of oil for the length and thickness of your beard. Beards up to a month old will need three to four drops of beard oil while one to three months require four to six drops. On the other hand, beards from three months to one year merit six to ten drops, while any beard older than a year needs at least ten drops.

You can use these measurements as a guide. However, the appropriate amount still depends on which one works best for you. It’s better to start with a smaller amount and add more drops once you feel comfortable with the previous quantity. 

How often do you need to apply beard oil?

The answer varies depending on the climate and length of the beard. While using beard oil every day is the ideal frequency, those who live in humid temperatures can skip days before applying the oil again. On the other hand, men who reside in a dry climate must use oil more than once. The regularity of application will ultimately depend on your preference.

Experts suggest though that using it daily can make your beard look more attractive. Likewise, you can also use beard oil on your head, neck, and other skin parts because they help keep your skin healthy.

What’s the proper way of pouring out the oil?

The goal is not to pour out excessive amounts of oil, even if the process is easy. Beard oils often come in packages of one to three fluid ounces, and they have built-in ways to make the pouring easier. If your bottle has a dropper, put it back into the container at once to prevent the risk of applying excess oil. Refrain from leaving it on a countertop because it will attract contaminants that can irritate your beard when you use it again.

What about applying the oil?

After pouring an ample amount of beard oil in your hands, rub it onto your beard. Remember, you cannot merely smother it on your facial hair as you wish. Instead, you must evenly spread it on your fingers and palms first before applying them onto the skin to keep the beard’s roots healthy.

After that, you can spread the oil by brushing your palms at the sides of your beard before doing the same action in front of it. Then, rub your hands down to the bottom of the beard and apply oil to your moustache using your fingers. 

How to properly comb the beard?

While regular combs will work fine, it’s best to use a special beard comb that can follow the shape of your facial hair. Using a beard-specific comb also prevents ingrown hairs and conditions your beard to grow away from your mouth. Likewise, combing the beard makes your beard look cleaner and helps to distribute the oil evenly.

You can properly comb your beard by going slowly to untangle the knots. Forcing it through the rough patches will force some hair strands to break away. Remove your comb if you encounter spots like these and gently comb until you break the knot. 

You must also start combing your beard from neck to chin to achieve a fluffy look and to separate the hair strands. Afterwards, comb your beard down to maintain its neatness. Beard combs will work better on longer beards and use combs with wider teeth to glide through the beard easier. 

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