Where to get good coffee in Melbourne

Where to get good coffee in Melbourne

One things for sure, I love my coffee. That’s my I thought I’d come to Melbourne CBD and try my favourite coffee shop and some others around the area and give you a list of some of what I think are the best coffee shops around.


Tobys Estate Flinders Lane

Now this one is a little gem, which over the last couple of years has grown into something even better. Initially I came here for the coffee which by far is the best I have had. What made me stay and keep this coffee shop as one of my favourites is the customer service. Everyone is friendly and they make you feel welcomed as any guest. And did I mention their coffee is the best?


Dukes coffee roasters Flinders Lane.

I had only been To dukes coffee once, and initially I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. And the coffee was really great. When talk about brownie points for a cafe, atmosphere is one of the things I look at. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at dukes Dukes’ and it’s has style, although not much room to sit as it is set up narrow and long.


Bar ampere Russell​ place

I love this place, it’s hidden away and from afar it looks like it might be a hole in the wall. The place is tiny but far from having no charm. As you walk in the walls are lined with graffiti, and inside the glass doors vintage absinthe bottles surrounds the seating area. Apart from the great coffee, bar ampere specialise in absinthe. And is a fully licensed bar with a kitchen in the back, so even if you get hungry they’ve got you covered.


Little Rogue Drewery Lane

This is another one that is literally a hole in the wall, but figuratively speaking it is tiny little shop with barely any external signage. So you won’t spot it easily. This is for you guys up the northern part of the city. It’s a tiny contemporary place with a vintage twist it’s cozy so seats are scarce. It might not the type of place where you can sit there for a long time. But no biggie because you can just take the coffee with you and walk, it’s better for you anyways.


Well there you have it, a list of some of the places I like to have coffee. And some that I discovered while walking around Melbourne. The list is in no particular order of best to least best. Get out there and try them for yourself if you get a chance, you might like them as well.


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