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Growing A Beard – Basic Tips

Growing a beard.

Lots of guys I talk to about beards always ask me “how do you grow a beard like that”? First and foremost, time is your friend here the longer you can refrain from shaving at all the better for your future beard.

Here are some things that I learned while growing my beard that can help you grow yours.

Do not cut or trim

Lots of guys don’t shave for one or two weeks, then complain that they cant grow a beard. From the start of your journey, you want to grow for at least four weeks before you think about trimming or shaping your beard. The reason is because you need to get some length first, once you do then you can shape to compliment your face shape.

Be committed to your beard

When you start growing your beard, you need to be fully committed to growing it out. In the first 1-5 months, you will be on the brink of looking like a homeless man. But alas after the 5 month mark after you trim it you will have the look and style you need to carry yourself, like the badass you are.

There isn’t much to it when it comes to growing out your beard apart from patience and time, albeit your genetics work with you and not against you in this instance. If this list is not enough for you. Have a look out our reasons as to why you need to start growing a beard. Now get out there and grow what your father gave you.

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Why You Need to Grow a Beard

Every day, you scroll through your social media timelines and see tons of your friends rocking full beards.  You’ve briefly considered joining them, but you haven’t been convinced enough to take the leap.  If you’ve never done it before, surely, you have some reservations.  You’ve probably kept your face clean shaven for work, only letting a few stragglers grow through during the weekends.  You’ve never seen your face with hair, and the journey seems like an unpredictable one.  Last but not least, you don’t want to seem like a poser-a last-minute follower jumping on the #beardgoals train.  But don’t worry, there are tons of reasons why you absolutely should grow a beard. Here are a few.


You Can Stop Shaving

This should be reason enough.  Shaving is a daily routine that clogs up a good 20 minutes every morning and requires a host of products from razors to shaving cream.  When you start growing a beard, you’ll need to set aside less than 5 minutes to massage in some beard oil.  That means you can sleep a little later or get started on the daily grind a little earlier.  Either way, skipping your morning shave will positively impact your life.

You’ll Be More Attractive

This might sound subjective, but it’s actually based on research.  Psychology Today published the results of a study back in July that found, among other observations, that women were most attracted to guys with stubble and beards.  Something about their facial hair indicated safety and protection.  Their facial hair made these women feel that they’d be taken care of.  The proof is in the numbers. If you grow a beard, you’ll instantly improve your dating life.

Beards Represent Prestige

Throughout history, some of the most powerful and influential men have rocked beards.  From the Middle Ages to Abraham Lincoln, beards were a symbol of prestige.  The men who wore them were considered tough, authoritative, and decisive.  If you’re looking for a way to exert more influence in the boardroom, perhaps a beard is the secret weapon you never knew you had.

Say Goodbye to Skin Conditions and Sickness

It may sound a little ridiculous but beards can have some significant impact on your health.  In men whose asthma was triggered by dust, more facial hair reduced their symptoms-perhaps because there was somewhere else for the dust particles to go.  Beards attached to full moustaches also stopped men from breathing in the harmful pollen that causes hay fever.  And growing a beard cuts down on the risk of rashes caused from frequent shaving.

Be Part of a Cool Subculture

Your Instagram cache will improve tenfold.  Just tack a #beard onto one of your posts and watch your notifications light up.  You’ll be part of an incredible grooming subculture with a loyal fan base.  You’ll never have to worry about your follower count again.

Growing a beard is an important decision in which you need to weigh all your options.  But you’ll have more time in the morning, look manlier and more attractive, and you’ll be cooler. Do you still need to be convinced?