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6 Best Fixes for Hair Loss


Millions of men all over the globe are dealing with hair loss, which can be really frustrating and overwhelming for different reasons. However, this problem can be solved if you know how to approach it in a proper way. Stay with us and find out about seven best fixes for hair loss.

Proper nutrition as the key to success

Even though a diet alone won’t save your hair, the truth is that it can help a lot with maintaining healthy tresses. If your meals are not nutrient-rich, it’s highly likely that your strands will become much weaker and therefore more prone to breakage. So, it would be smart to skip donuts, and eat healthy fats and foods rich in protein. That’s one of the best ways towards thicker hair.

Advanced laser light technology to the rescue

Laser light technology has been extremely useful when it comes to hair loss problems – both at-home devices and in-office treatments give more than amazing results. Such procedures are said to stimulate blood flow to the problematic area, which leads to improved hair growth. However, don’t set some unrealistic expectations – such lasers don’t actually grow new hair, but deal with already existing hair. 15 minutes a day, three times a week are just enough to get great results!

Fight the thinning hairs

When it comes to hair loss prevention, good quality men’s hair products have always been a trustworthy option. A haircare brand called Layrite offers some of the most amazing hair care products out there, so make sure you try them as soon as possible. Their main goal is to provide proper nutrients for your hair, both on the inside and on the outside, which helps in maintaining its health and great appearance.

Hair replacement surgery is always an option

Even though it’s the most invasive one on our list, hair replacement surgery is the best fix for hair loss. It basically goes like this: a doctor removes a strip of hair from the back of your head, dissects every single hair graft under a microscope, and plants those grafts onto the problematic areas of your scalp with small incisions. Even though that sounds quite painful, it’s actually not that bad – many men who’ve tried it are more than satisfied!

Let your beard grow

If you’re dealing with facial hair loss, it’s highly likely that you actually haven’t given your beard an opportunity to blossom. Don’t take a razor as soon as you notice those first patches, and give your scruff a chance to grow. In the meantime, make sure to take proper care of it on a daily basis – wash it regularly in order to keep it clean, and use beard oil to keep the hairs tamed and smooth. Once the hairs are fully grown, you can assess the situation and give it a perfect shape!

Ditch your comb and embrace baldness

If none of the above actually works, you can always shave your head and embrace your inner Dwayne Johnson. Trust us, going bald is often an enormous improvement. Besides that, it’s more than practical, and ladies find it particularly attractive. When it comes to taking care of a shaved head, it really can’t get any simpler – shielding your scalp from the sun is absolutely essential, as well as using a nice moisturiser to keep it nourished and hydrated.

As you can see, there are so many effective ways to deal with hair loss. The only thing you should do is to pick what suits your needs in the best possible way, and you’ll be good to go. Remember that many men are experiencing such issues, so you’re not alone!

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Growing A Beard – Basic Tips

Growing a beard.

Lots of guys I talk to about beards always ask me “how do you grow a beard like that”? First and foremost, time is your friend here the longer you can refrain from shaving at all the better for your future beard.

Here are some things that I learned while growing my beard that can help you grow yours.

Do not cut or trim

Lots of guys don’t shave for one or two weeks, then complain that they cant grow a beard. From the start of your journey, you want to grow for at least four weeks before you think about trimming or shaping your beard. The reason is because you need to get some length first, once you do then you can shape to compliment your face shape.

Be committed to your beard

When you start growing your beard, you need to be fully committed to growing it out. In the first 1-5 months, you will be on the brink of looking like a homeless man. But alas after the 5 month mark after you trim it you will have the look and style you need to carry yourself, like the badass you are.

There isn’t much to it when it comes to growing out your beard apart from patience and time, albeit your genetics work with you and not against you in this instance. If this list is not enough for you. Have a look out our reasons as to why you need to start growing a beard. Now get out there and grow what your father gave you.

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Beard grooming: Just the tips

You’ve started growing your beard, and your life has drastically improved.  Your morning routine has been slashed in half, and overall, your life has been pretty easygoing.  But occasionally, someone makes a comment about your beard looking haggard or excessively dry.  You are shocked because you thought all you had to do was grow the beard, but you didn’t actually focus on taking care of it.  While growing a beard can be less involved than a morning shave, there’s still some basic grooming that needs to be done to ensure a healthy beard.

Always Moisturise

Beard oil, which is a combination of essential oil and conditioning ingredients, helps keep your beard moisturised along with the skin underneath.  Your face has all these little sebaceous glands which produce sebum, your skin’s natural oil.  When you grow a beard, they can’t possibly keep your face and this new hair growth moisturised.  Beard oil offers a helping hand, and in the process, encourages healthy growth.  Using a few drops All it takes and you’re set for the entire day.

Wash Every Other Day

Beard wash or shampoo isn’t necessarily mandatory, but every other day, it’s a good idea to do a little deep cleaning.  The more your beard grows, the more stuff gets stuck in there from food crumbs to dust particles.  A deep conditioning session ensures nothing harmful is left behind.  Don’t even think about using your regular hair shampoo.  It’s packed full of harmful ingredients that’ll strip your hair of its moisture and harm your skin.


Brush and Comb

When you’re in the early stages of beard growth, you can control the direction in which it grows by using a beard brush.  Additionally, you can keep it neat and cover up any areas that look a little patchy.  After a few months of growth, you’ll need a comb to help you untangle your hair and style it to your liking.  In terms of material, use a boar’s hair brush.  It’ll feel softer to the touch and won’t cause breakage like brushes with plastic bristles.  For the comb, a plastic comb will do if you’re looking to save some money, but a rubber comb will offer the best results-it’s the easiest to clean and gentler on your hair.  The longer and thicker your beard gets, the wider the comb teeth should be to prevent unnecessary breakage.

Don’t Trim Too Often

When your beard is growing in, it can be tempting to want to clean things up on a regular basis.  While some maintenance is needed, daily trimming can actually work against you.  In order for your beard to look full, it needs to grow.  If you keep trimming every day, you’re inhibiting growth and keeping your beard stuck at square one. 

Be Patient

Let it grow.  The best way to reach your beard’s full potential is to let it grow.  Don’t cut it prematurely.  Don’t lose hope because it isn’t growing in exactly how you want it to.  Beard growth is a long game, and to get the best results, you have to stick it out.

Growing it out is considerably less involved than a meticulous shaving routine, but that being said, you still need to make the effort to care for it.