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5 Drinks That Are Manly AF

A real man knows his liquor. Not the fruity, bubbly, overly sweet, rainbow-coloured explosions women adore because they saw Samantha drinking it before her next big conquest – a man doesn’t drink from that side of the colour spectrum.

You need something manly, something with a kick and a twist that will not only set the stage for a night of healthy inebriation but will also portray your manly, devilish persona to the rest of the world. The ladies included.

You might not be spoiled for choice when it comes to manly drinks, but at least you will put everyone around you to shame and make all the girls pay attention to your presence, and your drink. Hard liquor demands attention and respect, so here are the top five manly AF drinks that will turn you into a real man.


A martini is a staple in any man’s repertoire. Reminiscent of the manliest figure to have ever graced the stronger, and fairer sex with his presence, James Bond sure knew how to handle his liquor and carry himself with an irresistible charm that won over even the coldest of hearts.

Like many manly things, a Martini is a simple drink served in a sophisticated glass that combines 3oz Gin and 1/2oz Vermouth and a couple of garnishes, such as an olive and a lemon twist. If you’re preparing it yourself, be sure to mind the details, such as whether you stir it or shake it, and do not complement the drink with more than two ice cubes.


Stepping into the realm of raw manhood slowly and there is no one better to draw your inspiration from than the crazy Russians. Yorsh is one of the manliest drinks around and is the best choice for quick and painful inebriation.

The drink is simple to make and relatively easy to chug, and chug you must, as it consists of ten parts beer and one part vodka. The ratio can, of course, vary depending on your taste preference. However, you are better off sticking to the basic formula until you’ve tried a few of these and lived to tell the tale.


Now we are in the manliest zone possible. There is nothing that says manly AF more than a glass filled with a rich, manly spirit that not only packs a punch, but will make you stand up straight and become a man. You see, one does not simply drink whisky like a schoolgirl tasting her first beer, you drink whisky with pride and confidence like you were born with a glass in hand and a cigar between your teeth.

These timeless spirits come in many hues, aromas and textures and if you’re serious about your liquor, you will research the best craft manufacturers, such as those making quality Australian whisky and stay clear from overpriced commercial brands. Having a home bar is your best option when it comes to whisky, too!

Black Russian

Back to the Russians again, this famous cocktail actually hails from Belgium and boasts a unique appearance due to its ingredients. If you want a dash of variety in your life but you still want the drink to be as manly as your previous choices, then you can’t go wrong with the Black Russian.

The preparation process is simple and manly, entailing two parts coffee liqueur and five parts vodka poured over ice in an old-fashioned glass. A unique taste, for a unique man. You are bound to turn some heads.

Flaming Dr Pepper

Interestingly enough, Dr Pepper is not actually an ingredient in this drink. The cocktail is said to taste like Dr Pepper and has therefore been named after everyone’s favourite soft drink. The drink itself is anything but soft, as it boasts three stiff ingredients that are guaranteed to ignite a fire in your heart and put some stupid ideas in your head.

Served in a shot glass, you will layer three parts Amaretto and one part high-proof spirit, set it on fire (that’s right) and then drop it into a pint of beer. Chug immediately and don’t stop before the glass is empty, or it would all have been for nothing.

There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking an appletini every once in a while if you like it, just make sure you’re not giving off the wrong vibe and ruining your chances of going home in good company. Be sure to stick to these five essential drinks and you will have no problem becoming the manliest man around.

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Where to get good coffee in Melbourne

One things for sure, I love my coffee. That’s my I thought I’d come to Melbourne CBD and try my favourite coffee shop and some others around the area and give you a list of some of what I think are the best coffee shops around.


Tobys Estate Flinders Lane

Now this one is a little gem, which over the last couple of years has grown into something even better. Initially I came here for the coffee which by far is the best I have had. What made me stay and keep this coffee shop as one of my favourites is the customer service. Everyone is friendly and they make you feel welcomed as any guest. And did I mention their coffee is the best?


Dukes coffee roasters Flinders Lane.

I had only been To dukes coffee once, and initially I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was. And the coffee was really great. When talk about brownie points for a cafe, atmosphere is one of the things I look at. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at dukes Dukes’ and it’s has style, although not much room to sit as it is set up narrow and long.


Bar ampere Russell​ place

I love this place, it’s hidden away and from afar it looks like it might be a hole in the wall. The place is tiny but far from having no charm. As you walk in the walls are lined with graffiti, and inside the glass doors vintage absinthe bottles surrounds the seating area. Apart from the great coffee, bar ampere specialise in absinthe. And is a fully licensed bar with a kitchen in the back, so even if you get hungry they’ve got you covered.


Little Rogue Drewery Lane

This is another one that is literally a hole in the wall, but figuratively speaking it is tiny little shop with barely any external signage. So you won’t spot it easily. This is for you guys up the northern part of the city. It’s a tiny contemporary place with a vintage twist it’s cozy so seats are scarce. It might not the type of place where you can sit there for a long time. But no biggie because you can just take the coffee with you and walk, it’s better for you anyways.


Well there you have it, a list of some of the places I like to have coffee. And some that I discovered while walking around Melbourne. The list is in no particular order of best to least best. Get out there and try them for yourself if you get a chance, you might like them as well.