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5 Drinks That Are Manly AF

A real man knows his liquor. Not the fruity, bubbly, overly sweet, rainbow-coloured explosions women adore because they saw Samantha drinking it before her next big conquest – a man doesn’t drink from that side of the colour spectrum.

You need something manly, something with a kick and a twist that will not only set the stage for a night of healthy inebriation but will also portray your manly, devilish persona to the rest of the world. The ladies included.

You might not be spoiled for choice when it comes to manly drinks, but at least you will put everyone around you to shame and make all the girls pay attention to your presence, and your drink. Hard liquor demands attention and respect, so here are the top five manly AF drinks that will turn you into a real man.


A martini is a staple in any man’s repertoire. Reminiscent of the manliest figure to have ever graced the stronger, and fairer sex with his presence, James Bond sure knew how to handle his liquor and carry himself with an irresistible charm that won over even the coldest of hearts.

Like many manly things, a Martini is a simple drink served in a sophisticated glass that combines 3oz Gin and 1/2oz Vermouth and a couple of garnishes, such as an olive and a lemon twist. If you’re preparing it yourself, be sure to mind the details, such as whether you stir it or shake it, and do not complement the drink with more than two ice cubes.


Stepping into the realm of raw manhood slowly and there is no one better to draw your inspiration from than the crazy Russians. Yorsh is one of the manliest drinks around and is the best choice for quick and painful inebriation.

The drink is simple to make and relatively easy to chug, and chug you must, as it consists of ten parts beer and one part vodka. The ratio can, of course, vary depending on your taste preference. However, you are better off sticking to the basic formula until you’ve tried a few of these and lived to tell the tale.


Now we are in the manliest zone possible. There is nothing that says manly AF more than a glass filled with a rich, manly spirit that not only packs a punch, but will make you stand up straight and become a man. You see, one does not simply drink whisky like a schoolgirl tasting her first beer, you drink whisky with pride and confidence like you were born with a glass in hand and a cigar between your teeth.

These timeless spirits come in many hues, aromas and textures and if you’re serious about your liquor, you will research the best craft manufacturers, such as those making quality Australian whisky and stay clear from overpriced commercial brands. Having a home bar is your best option when it comes to whisky, too!

Black Russian

Back to the Russians again, this famous cocktail actually hails from Belgium and boasts a unique appearance due to its ingredients. If you want a dash of variety in your life but you still want the drink to be as manly as your previous choices, then you can’t go wrong with the Black Russian.

The preparation process is simple and manly, entailing two parts coffee liqueur and five parts vodka poured over ice in an old-fashioned glass. A unique taste, for a unique man. You are bound to turn some heads.

Flaming Dr Pepper

Interestingly enough, Dr Pepper is not actually an ingredient in this drink. The cocktail is said to taste like Dr Pepper and has therefore been named after everyone’s favourite soft drink. The drink itself is anything but soft, as it boasts three stiff ingredients that are guaranteed to ignite a fire in your heart and put some stupid ideas in your head.

Served in a shot glass, you will layer three parts Amaretto and one part high-proof spirit, set it on fire (that’s right) and then drop it into a pint of beer. Chug immediately and don’t stop before the glass is empty, or it would all have been for nothing.

There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking an appletini every once in a while if you like it, just make sure you’re not giving off the wrong vibe and ruining your chances of going home in good company. Be sure to stick to these five essential drinks and you will have no problem becoming the manliest man around.

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A Road Trip Guide Through Australia 


Travelling through Australia seems like the most boring thing in the world for some people – “What’s there to see except the bush and a few kangaroos?” is what they might say – but the others think differently. These are the people who appreciate everything this great land has to offer and know that every part of the bush is a new adventure. That’s precisely the reason why they plan extensive and long trips through Australia carefully and have a rich agenda before them. If you too are among these people, you need to take a number of things into consideration before embarking on this trip, so here’s a quick guide that might help you get organised.

Cover the distance

First of all, do your research and determine where you wish to go and how far you’re willing to drive. Keep in mind that Australia is probably much larger than you think – as a comparison, it’s as big as the USA and Europe, for instance, and is just over 4000 kilometres wide. That means you’ll have to drive for days in order to get from the most eastern to the most western point of the country, and that can’t be easy. Knowing that an average person, i.e. not a professional driver, can cover about 900 kilometres a day before getting too exhausted to hold the wheel, you have to think twice about where you want to go and whether you’re comfortable driving that far.

Find the right path


Another problem with covering huge distances in a day are the roads – they might not always be as good as you think. The number of high-speed roads where you can put the pedal to the metal is surprisingly limited and over 75% of all roads on the East Coast, for instance, are one-line roads. This means you’ll have to limit your speed to 80 kilometres an hour on most of these roads and you won’t reach a highway for a while.

Find the best roads

However, not being able to drive fast through Australia might not be such a problem after all. There are a number of amazing roads in this country you simply must check out during your road trip. From the Lake Mountain road in Victoria all the way to the Gold Coast 600 Street Circuit in the heart of Surfers Paradise, Queensland, you see everything you’ve always wanted to see in Australia on these roads. Moreover, sticking to reliable roads is much safer in the long run, especially if you experience problems.

Call for backup


Speaking of problems, you can never know what’s going to happen on an open road. You might run into a dingo in the middle of a highway or your tyre might explode – everything’s possible! That’s why you need to be prepared and ready for all kinds of mishaps. Having a spare tyre, stopping for gas regularly and thoroughly checking your car before a trip is going to save you a whole lot of trouble in the long run. Moreover, should you come across a problem you can’t solve on your own, contacting a trustworthy Australian mobile mechanic can easily save your life. Being stranded in the middle of the bush is no fun and you must react quickly no matter what happens.

Other tips

Some of the other things you should think of before starting your trip are inviting friendly travel companions that will keep you company while you’re driving, bringing an updated map of Australia, finding adequate accommodation and packing all your essentials – the first aid kit, a phone charger, lots of CDs and a camera to capture all your adventures.


5 Health Concerns Men Should Stop Ignoring

One popular saying claims that you should always be ‘better safe than sorry’, which is exactly what men often disregard and overlook potential health problems that can become much more serious. This bad practice must be stopped as soon as possible, so stay with us and learn about five health topics men should stop ignoring right now. Denial won’t get you anywhere, so keep reading!

Healthy eating and weight management

Eating healthy and taking care of your weight is not just an issue of aesthetics – it’s much more than that. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity, which doesn’t reflect just on the size of your body – but also on your overall health that can be compromised by such habits. So, the first thing to do is to stop eating processed foods that are bursting with calories but are lacking in essential nutrients. Such foods are full of artificially added sugars that are highly likely to result in obesity and a number of health problems, so cut down this bad habit as soon as possible and start eating healthy!

Prostate cancer

More than 3300 Australian men die every year due to prostate cancer, which is one of the most common issues related to men over the age of 50. However, it can sometimes affect even younger men, especially those with a history of prostate cancer in their family, which is exactly why you need to be aware of the fact that early detection is the key to success. Make sure you have regular appointments with your doctor, just to be safe!

Heart diseases

Stress, smoking, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy diet are just some of the things that can lead to high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. These may subsequently cause various heart diseases and heart attacks, which mustn’t be overlooked. Some of the symptoms include central chest discomfort and/or pain that may spread to the jaw, neck, or shoulder, so make sure to see your doctor ASAP if you experience some of these. Of course, you can prevent heart diseases by eating smaller and healthier meals that include fatty fish and fresh fruits and veggies. Besides that, you should learn to manage your stress, too!

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a really serious sleeping disorder which occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep. Some of the symptoms are snoring, chronic fatigue, restless movements, and laboured or interrupted breathing throughout the night, so you may want to see your doctor if your family or a partner notice these. Many Australian men actually have serious problems with this condition since it causes oxygen levels to fall, which further causes the body to wake from sleep and resume its natural breathing pattern. That’s exactly why these men are turning to sleep apnea treatment which helps with establishing a stable sleeping pattern by opening the airways and enabling them to maintain continuous breathing.


The fact is that suicide is one of the leading causes of death when it comes to Australian men younger than 44, which can be triggered by so many problems such as depression, finances, alcohol, relationship breakdowns, and many others. This is a very serious issue people often don’t want to talk about, which is exactly why many of them end up unable to find the way out of a difficult situation. If you’re thinking about suicide, please seek professional help or at least speak to a friend or a family member. Remember that every problem in this world can be solved, just talk openly about anything that bothers you.

Each of these five health topics is really serious, so make sure to understand their importance and not to neglect them. They must be treated as soon as you notice the first symptoms, so have that in mind and you’ll be able to successfully deal with them, without any doubt.

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6 Best Fixes for Hair Loss


Millions of men all over the globe are dealing with hair loss, which can be really frustrating and overwhelming for different reasons. However, this problem can be solved if you know how to approach it in a proper way. Stay with us and find out about seven best fixes for hair loss.

Proper nutrition as the key to success

Even though a diet alone won’t save your hair, the truth is that it can help a lot with maintaining healthy tresses. If your meals are not nutrient-rich, it’s highly likely that your strands will become much weaker and therefore more prone to breakage. So, it would be smart to skip donuts, and eat healthy fats and foods rich in protein. That’s one of the best ways towards thicker hair.

Advanced laser light technology to the rescue

Laser light technology has been extremely useful when it comes to hair loss problems – both at-home devices and in-office treatments give more than amazing results. Such procedures are said to stimulate blood flow to the problematic area, which leads to improved hair growth. However, don’t set some unrealistic expectations – such lasers don’t actually grow new hair, but deal with already existing hair. 15 minutes a day, three times a week are just enough to get great results!

Fight the thinning hairs

When it comes to hair loss prevention, good quality men’s hair products have always been a trustworthy option. A haircare brand called Layrite offers some of the most amazing hair care products out there, so make sure you try them as soon as possible. Their main goal is to provide proper nutrients for your hair, both on the inside and on the outside, which helps in maintaining its health and great appearance.

Hair replacement surgery is always an option

Even though it’s the most invasive one on our list, hair replacement surgery is the best fix for hair loss. It basically goes like this: a doctor removes a strip of hair from the back of your head, dissects every single hair graft under a microscope, and plants those grafts onto the problematic areas of your scalp with small incisions. Even though that sounds quite painful, it’s actually not that bad – many men who’ve tried it are more than satisfied!

Let your beard grow

If you’re dealing with facial hair loss, it’s highly likely that you actually haven’t given your beard an opportunity to blossom. Don’t take a razor as soon as you notice those first patches, and give your scruff a chance to grow. In the meantime, make sure to take proper care of it on a daily basis – wash it regularly in order to keep it clean, and use beard oil to keep the hairs tamed and smooth. Once the hairs are fully grown, you can assess the situation and give it a perfect shape!

Ditch your comb and embrace baldness

If none of the above actually works, you can always shave your head and embrace your inner Dwayne Johnson. Trust us, going bald is often an enormous improvement. Besides that, it’s more than practical, and ladies find it particularly attractive. When it comes to taking care of a shaved head, it really can’t get any simpler – shielding your scalp from the sun is absolutely essential, as well as using a nice moisturiser to keep it nourished and hydrated.

As you can see, there are so many effective ways to deal with hair loss. The only thing you should do is to pick what suits your needs in the best possible way, and you’ll be good to go. Remember that many men are experiencing such issues, so you’re not alone!